Lisa (zelas_metallium) wrote in tick_society,

It's quiet....

...too quiet. We need to get some more members.

Now that I'm home from school for the holidays, I've been rereading old Tick comics. I'm missing a Karma Tornado #8 though, and I'd like to get some of the spin offs, particularly Chainsaw Vigilante and Man Eating Cow.

Does the show still come on anywhere?
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I don't think the show comes on anywhere. I periodically send e-mails to comedy central telling them they should start replaying the tick, but they say there aren't enough episodes.
Aren't enough episodes?!? They play the same episodes of their other shows over and over again. What a lame excuse.
yeah I know, I think there is just an anti-tick group out there trying to keep this great cartoon from the masses